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No, this is not one of those ordinary jobs.  People depend on us to do extraordinary things in unique places all over the world.  Our innovation means creating state-of-the-art solutions for customers and our communities through our dynamic development culture that delivers real value.  Our teams integrate market-leading technologies across regions to boost reliability and deliver unsurpassed performance. You’ll develop your talents by learning from our thought leaders and partnering across cultures to ignite our success.


First fully Electric Heavy-duty Truck AEOS, Urban Hauler Tractor

In July 2017, Cummins unveiled a prototype of electric cargo truck "AEOS", which has a maximum travel distance of 480km. A single charging of the 140kWh battery loaded in AEOS guarantees 160km of traveling. With an additional battery pack, the maximum mileage can be increased to 483km and the vehicle can be used as a long-haul cargo truck. The maximum loading weight is about 34 tons. AEOS also adopted a high-speed charging technology which can fully charge a 40kWh battery pack within an hour. AEOS makes a great freight truck for urban logistics delivery even without any additional battery.


Connected Diagnostics - The Lifeline For Your Engine

Connected Diagnostics™ is your lifeline to Cummins when you need it most. Using telematics, your Cummins-powered equipment wirelessly connects your engine to Cummins for immediate diagnosis of an engine system fault alert, and provides valuable information you need – within seconds. Broad compatibility with leading telematics providers allows Connected Diagnostics™ to serve a wide range of global markets that depend on Cummins electronic engines, in both on-highway and off-highway applications for many makes and models of equipment. The moment an engine system fault occurs, the telematics system instantly transmits key engine system and GPS data through the telematics connection. Connected Diagnostics™ immediately applies unique Cummins analytics to transform the data into actionable information. A diagnosis of the fault, and clear recommendations regarding continued vehicle operation or the need for immediate service, are sent instantly to you. Connected Diagnostics™ is a critical lifeline that enables you to properly care for the engine system while maximizing your uptime and equipment availability without the downtime previously needed to investigate the cause of the fault.

Doing something exceptional here means thinking beyond your desk is more than part of the job. It is the job.  We thrive inside a culture that appreciates risk-taking and rewards ideas that inspire. Click now to hear from our industry’s brightest minds who accelerate Cummins innovation every day.