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Marine Engines

Cummins has a strong marine heritage dating back to the Company’s start in 1919. More than 90 years later, Cummins continues its legacy of providing reliable, durable diesels to the marine market with a broad range of power 5.9 to 95 liters for commercial, government and recreational applications.

Off-Highway Engines

From equipment and machinery of all shapes and sizes, Cummins is ahead of the curve in developing off-highway engines that deliver everything from better fuel economy to improved reliability and durability. Our off-highway engines from 2.8 to 95 liters deliver lower operating costs, greater reliability, and improved productivity – keeping your operating costs low and profitability up high.

On-Highway Engines

From trucks of all shapes and sizes, to buses and specialty vehicles, Cummins is ahead of the curve in developing engines that deliver everything from better fuel economy to improved reliability and durability. Our on-highway engines from 2.8 to 15 liters deliver lower operating costs and improved productivity – making it easier for you to stay a step ahead of your competition.

Dependable Partner

Cummins credentials are strongly rooted, based on decades of manufacturing presence and employing thousands at various locations around the world. OEM customers can take full advantage of Cummins application engineering support and pilot vehicle/equipment testing facilities. We also draw a special strength from our huge technical and manufacturing resources based in regions throughout the world. Effectively, with a Cummins certified engine you get the results of technical synergy from our most skillful engineers and designers, combined with decades of experience in the most demanding operations.  Cummins on-highway and off-highway engines include many advantages, including the following:

  • Superior Fuel Economy - Cummins offers leading fuel economy for a lower cost of operation and higher profitability.
  • Proven Dependability - The reliability and durability of Cummins engines have been demonstrated in every type of vehicle and equipment working every type of duty cycle, for decades.
  • World Class Support - Cummins has one of the largest and most capable parts and service networks in the business. Cummins serves customers in approximately 190 countries and territories through a network of approximately 600 company-owned and independent distributor locations and approximately 6,500 dealer locations, providing the best service density in the business.
  • Leading Performance - Cummins fully integrated technology, from air handling to exhaust aftertreatment, allows us to optimize performance in ways that other manufacturers can’t match.
  • Broadest Product Range - No one has the breadth and strength of the Cummins product line, which includes diesel, natural gas and dual fuel engines from 2.8 to 95 liters.

To learn more about Cummins engines, contact a local Cummins Sales and Service representative or visit our engine specification library by clicking the button below.

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