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With great performance, fuel efficiency, durability, and reliability, Cummins On-highway engines take up the biggest market share not only in the North American market but also on the global stage.

Numerous applications including mid- and full- size trucks, RV & pick-up trucks, commercial vans, and motorhomes known as camping cars are powered by Cummins engines, making Cummins a leader in the North American On-Highway engine industry with the largest market share. 

We never compromise on performance. Cummins makes great efforts to help clients remain competitive in the global market by providing quality supports and engineering supports designed for affordable maintenance and maximum uptime for operation without failure.

Cummins continues to be a leading player in the On-highway market based on its fast response to advancement of technologies, market needs, and client needs varying by market feature and application.

Our client-friendly, eco-friendly products and services are earning clients’ trust even at this moment. 

With relentless research aimed at commercialization of diesel, hybrid, natural gas and electric engines, fuel cells, and other future technologies, Cummins is excited about powering the world toward bigger prosperity.

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