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Stamford / AvK Alternators


Cummins Generator Technologies


Cummins offer premium quality alternators in the range 7.5 to 11,200kVA. Our family of brands - STAMFORD and AvK are known for their robust build, reliable performance and versatile configurations.



Utilising wire-wound technology and with an output extending from 7.5 to 5,000kVA, genuine STAMFORD alternators are designed for delivering superior efficiencies in marine, oil and gas auxiliary, UPS, telecoms, CHP, construction and other continuous or standby applications. STAMFORD alternators are available with a choice of SAE adaptors to ensure easy coupling to a wide range of prime movers.



With a robust bar wound configuration, AvK alternators are robustly engineered products up to 11,200kVA, specifically designed to meet the challenges of the most arduous applications and environments - be it in extraction of oil and gas, coal and minerals, or critical marine power to tankers and container vessels. Our extensive experience and knowledge gathered from a large number of diverse alternator installations worldwide provides expertise in offering integrated design solutions that helps our customers compete more successfully throughout the world.

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