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Powering the World's Generators
Broad Range of Diesel and Gas Models


Cummins Generator-Drive (G-Drive) is a global provider of Cummins diesel engines and natural gas for world-class power generation.

Cummins G-Drive engines have been the driving force behind the world’s leading generator sets for over 80 years, providing vital power solutions to a variety of markets including industrial, commercial, marine, healthcare and telecommunications.

Cummins Generator Drive EnginesWe offer a new breed of high-performance, reliable diesel engines. From the small but powerful X1.3 to the QSK78, considered best in its class for power density and emissions.

We also offer a wide range of spark ignited natural gas engines in both Gas Series and Gas Low Emission Series. From the small durable G5.9 to the large and transient capable GTA50, we supply the superior gas solution to meet your power generation needs.

Our brand strength is, in part, thanks to our continued investment in product research and development. Not only do we continue to offer customers some of the most powerful and durable products on the market, we ensure that many products meet stringent emission standards around the world.

Cummins G-Drive products are backed by an uncompromising level of technical support and after-sale service for complete peace of mind. We maintain long-term relationships with market-leading manufacturers around the world and pride ourselves on our customer service delivered through a world-class network of distributors and dealers.

G-Drive also benefits from the backing of Cummins Power Generation, tapping into its global manufacturing and distributing networks, support and service to provide quality power solutions for all generator-set applications in more than 190 countries worldwide.

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